1.  Introduction

This Methodology aims to describe the evaluation and selection process of the Roma Digital Boost Awards as an integral part of the online acceleration program. The evaluation and selection methodology details the procedural elements of the evaluation process and includes: Purpose, Steps, Selection Criteria, Funding Conditions, Evaluation Commission, Project Specific Requirements. 

2.  Purpose

The purpose of this Methodology is to ensure a transparent, equidistant and objective evaluation framework, which complies with the applicable legislation and best practices, aimed at promoting quality businesses. 

3.  Eligibility and selection criteria

To be eligible for the Contest, candidates must be:

– Participants of the Roma Digital Boost program

– Attending minimum 3 online sessions

– Submit a complete application dossier with original business plans (the content does not in any way resemble those of other candidates), filled in and signed REGISTRATION FORM FOR THE ROMA DIGITAL BOOST PROGRAM AWARD.


 The criteria for the evaluation and selection of winning projects relate to: 

– compliance with the templates within this Competition Methodology, relevant and coherent documentation within the Project Plans, digitization of a wide area of the business, the importance of digitization for the successful implementation of the Business Plan;

– the correct structuring and description of the business elements, the core and effective planning of the activities, the correlation of the development strategy with the current challenges and opportunities in the business, the quality of the proposed business model, the level of experience of the entrepreneur in the proposed field of activity, the level of experience of the contractor in the proposed field of activity, the relevance of the proposed expenditure and the percentage allocated for digitisation, the relevance, integration and correctness of the optional project plans;

4. Financing conditions

The main winner will receive a prize of up to 5000 Euro that will be split into grant and mentorship support. In each of the countries one winner will be awarded with the first prize of up to 5000 Euro. The grant award will be provided in national currency at the Euro rate on the date of signing the Financing Agreement.

Other winners will be awarded with one or more prizes as follows:

1. One year membership fee in the online platforms (creating online shop)

2. Professional pictures of their products or services

3. Creation of logo and visual identity

4. Marketing strategy

5. Mentorship

6. Development of web-site

7. Additional support

5. Evaluation and selection commission

The evaluation and selection process of business plans will be carried out by an evaluation and selection commission with the following composition:

– 1 representative of the associative environment of entrepreneurship;

– 1 representative of banking and/or non-bank financial institutions present in our country;

– 1 representative of a public institution responsible for SME financing;

– 1 representative of a business of more than 1 million euros;

– 1 representative of a business digitization platform;

– 1 representative Rome Digital Boost, without voting rights

6. Stages of evaluation and selection of business plans

The following timeline identifies the main stages of evaluation and selection process:

  1. a) Submission of application dossier 11 Aug- 19 Aug

Eligible candidates will submit their application dossier

  1. b) Pre-selection / verification 20 Aug – 21 Aug

The verification of the eligibility criteria of the dossiers will be carried out in order to define the final list of competitors that will present their business models. 

  1. c) Training (Pitching session + Q/A) 24 Aug – 31 Aug

            Selected candidates will participate in a preparatory pitching training session that will equip them with the necessary skills to present their business models.

  1. d) Demo day (pitching the business models) 07 Sep – 11 Sep

            Selected candidates will pitch the business models in front of the selection committee. 

  1. e) Announcement of winners 14 Sep – 18 Sep

            In a public event results will be presented and Winners will be announced.

7.   Specific requirements of Business Plans

Business plans entered in the competition must comply with the following specific conditions:

1. Are centered on the digitization of an existing or a new economic activity;

2. For economic activities not organized in a legal (informal) form, start-up and, where appropriate, opinion costs shall be provided;

3. In the case of economic activities organized in a legal form, the application will be submitted by the legal entity whose activity is to be developed through the implementation of the Business Plan entered in the Competition;

4. Personnel, equipment and equipment expenses are permitted within the limit of a single employee/Business Plan;

5. The duration of the Business Plan may not exceed the duration of 6 months from the date of signature of the Financing Agreement;

6. Business promotion/marketing materials will be intended exclusively for online use;

7. The amount of the contracted financing may be provided in part or in full in cash, in kind or by the Financing’s coverage of the costs of the Business Plan at any stage of implementation;

8. The financial contribution of competitors/legal entities is not accepted under the Business Plans;

9. Costs related to current activities, rents, participation fees and those incurred outside the implementation period of business plans or without the prior consent of the Contest organizer are not eligible.

8. Registration form

The interested candidates should apply by filling in the registration form available on this link in Google Form.

You can download the document from THIS LINK (MS Word)

You can download the document from THIS LINK (PDF file)