Our Team


Nadire Redjepi – Director of Field Operations

Nadire Redjepi has joined REDI in 2016 as a fellow placed in Impulse Europe and CoopEst in Brussels Then Nadire continued her work in 2017 placed in Macedonia. In 2018, she set-up REDI Macedonia and worked as a Country Coordinator. In September 2018, she was promoted as Director of Operations leading a team of 4 staff.

Nadire is a Roma woman born in Tetovo, Macedonia. She holds a Master degree in Economic Policy in Global Markets from Central European University, Budapest. Before the MA, she graduated BA in Business Administration, from South East European University, Tetovo. From the age of 13, she has been actively working on Roma issues. She is one of the founding members of the Institute for Research and Analysis- Romalitico. She has published many analysis and researches on the field of Economics.

Asib Zekir – Program Manager

Asib Zekir started his career at REDI as an intern in MFI Horizonti, Skopje in the framework of the Internship Program for Young Roma in Microfinance Institutions of REDI where he have gained experience and knowledge for being a loan officer. From 2018, he is a full member of REDI field operations as a business facilitator.

Asib currently is pursuing his studies in Financial Management. His inspiration to pursue studies in the field of economics stems from working for his father school supplies’ business as an assistant in managing the business till 2016.

Parallel to that, Asib is a Roma activist and student. He took part in many conferences and seminars about Roma advocacy and policies. His first volunteering experience was at the age of 16 in the program of “Youth club from Shuto Orizari”, supported by Red Cross, Skopje. It prompted him to join in the NGO sector as a volunteer and later to be a person responsible for coordinating Roma health mediators in Health Education and Research Association- HERA, a project supported by UNICEF. After that arrangement, he confirmed an offer to be field clerk and an assistant in project for preventing and reducing of statelessness in Macedonian Young Lawyers Association- MYLA, a project supported by UNHCR.

Jasmina Usainovic – Program Assistant

Jasmina Usainovic started her career at REDI as an intern in Agroinvest Fund, Belgrade in the framework of the Internship Program for young Roma in Microfinance Institutions of REDI. During the internship, she was working exclusively with the Roma entrepreneurs and gained essential experience in the area of Roma entrepreneurs’ financial needs in running their businesses. After the six months internship, Jasmina got promoted in Agroinvest and continued to work for Agroinvest as a loan officer for both Roma and non-Roma people for a year and a half. She was awarded as the best junior Loan Officer for 2018. From 2019, Jasmina is a full member of REDI as a manager assistant, placed in Serbia.

Jasmina was born in Kragujevac, Serbia. She holds a Master’s degree in Political Sciences, from the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade. Before the MA, she graduated BA in International Affairs from the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade.

Emanuel-Felix Costache – Program Assistant

Felix has volunteered and worked within NGOs since ever, although he has gain valuable work experience and different domains as well, such as Corporate Sales, Radio and TV Media, Telecom, Customer Experience or Social Economy. His divers experience is accompanied by a license degree in Social Work Advising, a Master of Project Management and various certifications such as Human Resources Specialist or Social Entrepreneur.

Beside achieving great results on Roma youth promotion with the youth NGO he founded, Felix already co-owned two Social Enterprises and successfully sold other two in which he was the only shareholder, he has an extended experience in business start-ups, communication and digitization, thus he recently joined our Field Operations team as a Program Assistant, working on the Technical Assistance we are providing to Roma entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Fundraising & Communication

Cristina Marian – Department Coordinator

Cristina Marian
Photo credit: Chad Evans Wyatt

Cristina Marian has joined the Roma Entrepreneurship Development Initiative in September 2017 as a fellow. She is a part of the fundraising team in REDI and works from Tetovo, Macedonia.

Cristina is from Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. She holds a Master of Laws (LLM) degree in Human Rights from Central European University. She also holds a Master in Business Law from Moldova State University.

Cristina was a fellow with the Roma Initiatives Office at the Open Society Foundations developing Roma lawyers associations in Romania and Macedonia. She was a legal fellow with the Open Society Justice Initiative, working with the legal empowerment, legal clinics, litigation and advocacy teams. Cristina has been a board member of the Forum of European Roma Young People (FERYP) and has coordinated the Roma Students’ Initiative, organizing the 3rd Barvalipe Roma Pride Summer School in August 2013. During 2016-2018, Cristina was a member of the Advisory Council on Youth with the Council of Europe, establishing together with government representatives of CoE member states the annual priorities for the youth sector. Between 2007 and 2011, she coordinated the Human Rights department at the Roma National Center in Chisinau, Moldova.

Richard Gavrilescu – Fundraising officer

Richard Gavrilescu has joined REDI in February 2019 as part of the Fundraising & Communication teams.

Richard is a Romanian non-Roma. He graduated from the University of Craiova in 2005 – Faculty of History.

He has 18 years of experience in mass-media at national and International level, working for newspapers, TV Stations or websites likeL Libertatea, Kanal D, Gazeta Sporturilor, goal.com, tuttomercatoweb.it. His REDI duties alternate or pivot around the support needed in various operations that are being implemented.

Ruxandra Epure – Communication Specialist

Ruxandra Epure has joined REDI in December 2019 as Executive Director Personal Assistant, and since April is also part of Fundraising & Communication Department.

Ruxandra is a Romanian non-Roma. She graduated from the University of Dimitrie Cantemir in 2010 – Faculty Touristic & Commercial Management.

Having professional experience of over 8 years in Corporate Travel Management, shaped her as an out-of-the-box thinker and set her apart as a creative and business-oriented individual. Thriving on progress, she recognized the opportunity to bridge the two fields of her job Business Developer and Administrator, creating opportunities and implementing development programs in order to continuously elaborate the best corporate services.

Her REDI support is around Executive Director operations and Communication development.


Marius Cristea – Financial Manager

Marius joined the team in 2018 and has been working for Roma Entrepreneurship Development Initiative from Bucharest Romania.Marius has a master’s degree Financial Situations and has been working in the NGO sector since 2012 within EU projects, CSR initiatives, Think-thanks and other NGO based activities. He also has a 3-year experience in the Banking sector.

Our interns

Felix Costache – 2019-2020 intern in Good.bee MFI (Romania)
Levente Tatar – 2019-2020 intern in Good.bee MFI (Romania)
Carla Miruna – 2019-2020 intern in Good.bee MFI (Romania)
Andreea Mutila – 2019-2020 intern in Good.bee MFI (Romania)
Dana Moldovan – 2019-2020 intern in Good.bee MFI (Romania)
Lavinia Ilie – 2019-2020 intern in Good.bee (Romania)


Past interns

Denis Durmisevi – 2017-2018 intern in AgroInvest (Serbia)
Jasmina Useinovic – 2017-2018 intern  AgroInvest (Promoted in AgroInvest)
Elson Iljaz – 2017-2018 intern in  Horizonti (joined REDI Team in 2018)
Asib Zekir – 2017-2018 intern in  Horizonti (joined REDI Team in 2018)

Nevena Simic – 2018-2019 intern in Opportunity Bank (Serbia)
Jasin Demir – 2018-2019 intern in Horizonti (Macedonia)
Sibela Ajdar – 2018-2019 intern in Horizonti (Macedonia)
Selda Toci – 2018-2019 intern in Horizonti (Macedonia)