The first activity of the project “Developing Regional Cooperation among Roma Entrepreneurs”, funded by the VisegradFund, was held in Veles, North Macedonia, on 22-25 of July, 2019.

The Kick-Off meeting aimed to familiarize all the partners with the administrative details of the project such as timeline and activities and work on a detailed action plan with assigned responsibilities for the smooth implementation of the project. The event was organized with 15 participants, three representatives from each partner organization from Association of Young Roma (AYR) Slovakia, UCCU Hungary, Center of Common Interest Czech Republic, and REDI team Romania, Belgium and North Macedonia.

The main goal of the project is to support Roma entrepreneurs in the #V4 countries and help them develop their communities from within. Later we will use it to challenge narratives!

Roma Entrepreneurship Development Initiative (REDI) is the leading organization of the project and the Association of Young Roma (AYR)- Slovakia, UCCU Hungary, and Center of Common Trust- Czech Republic are the project partners participating in all the activities.

The project duration is from 01 June 2019- 31 December 2020.