Small businesses need the right guidance and assistance in order to achieve long-term success. Thus, REDI was created in 2016, with the mission of supporting entrepreneurship and job creation in Roma communities in Central-Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans. REDI was preceded by a pilot project in 2015 in Bulgaria and Romania to assist more than 1000 Roma entrepreneurs to access affordable financial products for entrepreneurship projects. A key lesson of this pilot, as well as a lesson from other initiatives in this area, was the necessity to provide not only technical assistance, but also adapted financial products and access to market opportunities to enable viable and sustainable entrepreneurship projects among the Roma. REDI represents an institutional and innovative effort to put these lessons in practice. REDI understand that tarting and maintaining a successful small business isn’t easy. Aspiring business owners face countless challenges—especially within rural and historically underserved Roma communities. Therefore, REDI can provide the following services to Roma entrepreneurs: