‘Training of Roma Business Facilitators’ is the second event of the project ‘Developing Regional Cooperation and Roma Entrepreneurs‘, supported by Visegrad Fund, and implemented by REDI, with the help of the partners Centrum spolecneho zajmu (CZ), Uccu Roma Informális Oktatási Alapítvány (HU), Združenie mladých Rómov (SK). The event was held in Budapest, between 18-20 October, 2019, at CEU.

Day 1: Welcome and introduction made by Nadire Redjepi

The first day started with short mentionings about meeting context, the project characteristics, the partners, roles and responsabilities of the partners and of the Business Facilitators (BF), the foreseen objectives of the meeting, the learning objectives for Day 1, the agenda, the REDI experience and the BF tools developed within the project, the expectations towards the BFs, the assignments of the BFs towards the CRM solution, and the Name Game.

Activity: Mapping and Field Experience (Asib Zekir)

Asib started the ‘mapping and field experience session’ with a short video clip and former outcomes highlights. He narrated from his field experience as a business facilitator and the ways he was able to do it (mapping types): field, events, through influencer.

The session continued with the presentation of Shutka community, study and the peer to peer (one to one) mapping technique, the challenges of mapping, the positive (easy access as Roma activist, success stories, good network, Romani language, entrepreneurial spirit) and negative aspects (rejection by the entrepreneurs, skepticism about the NGO, new NGO) together with exemples from the field.

In the end of the session, Asib presented a case study (24 Cargo) – he explained the business support he provided to the company that was just starting the activity, in fields such as marketing, HR, legal, conformity etc.

Activity: ‘Simulation of Mapping’

The day ended with an exercise: ‘Simulation of Mapping’. Nadire explained the sections of the mapping interview form, the challenges in recording data, the questions, detailed with the participants the team assignments and participants were set in teams of two people to interview each other.

After the exercise, Asib and Nadire responded to questions and they discussed with the participants the challenges faced by the participants in mapping simulation.

Day 2 – Activity: ‘Introduction of the CRM solution’

Day 2 was dedicated to the introduction of CRM solution for the Business Facilitators. The participants were asked to have their laptops so they can apply what they learned during the presentation of the CRM.

After all the questions were answered, it was determined that, even if all the participants managed to add the entrepreneurs and the activities in the system, further training is required. Several online info session will be scheduled in the upcoming weeks.

The day and the even ended with conclusions and a session of Q&A.