Starting with January this year, REDI began the implementation of the Y-Support Project in partnership with other 4 NGOs across Europe: Know and Can Association from Bulgaria, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development – IED from Greece, ROMEDIA Foundation from Hungary and NEXES Interculturals de Joves per Europa from Spain.

The project is financed by the Erasmus + Program throw the Romanian Agency ANPCDEFP and aims to promote entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship activities among young people, focusing on the Europe’s largest ethnic minority, the Roma people. We are currently working on a set of measures that will address the main obstacles that Roma people face when it comes to entrepreneurship initiatives: lack of access to information, discrimination on the market, lack of skills and coaching.

The program will generate the creation of the following media and theoretical materials:
1. A Pedagogical Module – a summary of training methods and training modules;
2. The Young Entrepreneurship Toolkit that will have a special focus on Roma people Needs and of young people in general. The Toolkit will address topics such as risk management plans, cash-flow predictions, PowerPoint presentations and others;
3. Videos materials on challenges, good practice and Roma business initiatives.

In addition to this, the project will have 25 business plans developed by the youth exchange participants as well as an international event held in Romania – International Youth Roma Entrepreneur Fair, all efforts being aimed at removing the obstacles that Roma people and youth in general are facing in entrepreneurship.
All of the materials will be ready by the end of 2020 and will be uploaded on our websites.

Project coordinator: Roma Entrepreneurship Development
Mobile: +32 489 105 559



Social entrepreneurship in Roman

At the end of August, we visited Sigmund, in Municipiul Roman, to create a movie about a social entrepreneurship initiative launched in Norway that provides support to Roma communities. The clip is part of the materials developed within the Y-Support project, funded by Erasmus+. The full material will be available soon, on the page dedicated to the project. Stay tuned!